Privacy Policy

For smartphone application “Toss Cat” (hereinafter referred to as “the application”) provided by Studio-RF Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) limited company, we make great effort to protect personal information by setting out the personal information protection policy as follows; understanding how important to protect personal information is, establishing a mechanism of personal information protection, and performing it.

1. User information to be acquired
In this application, the information of the user acquired by us is as follows.
  • Information within the range collected by Google Analystic
2. Purpose of use
Information which we collect from users are used only for advertisement display, optimization of its display contents and storing data in this application.
3. About the camera function
The camera funtion in this application is able to be used only in this application. Photoes which you taken with the function are not saved ou shared to outside unless the customer intends to do so.
4. Prohibition of disclosing and providing personal information to third parties.
Personal information which are provided from users will be handled properly and won’t be disclosed to third parties except to fall under any of the following.
  • When customers agree with the disclosure.
  • When our company discloses personal informations to outsourcing contractors in order to provide services to customers after they order the services.
  • When disclosure of personal information is required by law.
5. Compliance with laws and regulations, norms and reviews
We comply with both Japanese and overseas’ laws and regulations applicable to the personal information we storage, and we will make efforts to review the contents of this policy from time to time and to improve it.
6. Publish and share the acquired information
There is no information sharing function by communication in this application. When you use functions of SNS and so on, and share personal information with your friends, acquaintance and many and unspecified persons, links or somethings of texts, photos, URLs which are included in messages may be shared.
7. Contact
If there are any opinions, questions, complaints and other for the handling of personal information, please contact the following.
4-6-4 Ishii Build. 6-B Asakusa-bashi Taito-ku Tokyo Japan

有限会社スタジオアールエフ(以下 当社)が提供するスマートフォン用アプリケーション「Toss Cat」(以下 当アプリ)では、以下のように個人情報保護方針を定め、個人情報保護の仕組みを構築し、個人情報保護の重要性の認識と取組みを徹底することにより、個人情報の保護に努めます。

1. 取得する利用者情報
  • Google Analysticにて収集される範囲内の情報
2. 利用目的
3. カメラ機能について
4. 個人情報の第三者への開示・提供の禁止
  • 利用者の同意がある場合
  • 利用者が希望されるサービスを行なうために当社が業務を委託する業者に対して開示する場合
  • 法令に基づき開示することが必要である場合
5. 法令、規範の遵守と見直し
6. 取得された情報の公開、共有
本アプリ本体には通信による情報共有機能はございません。SNSなどのシェア機能でお客様が外部SNSなどを利用し、友人、知人、不特定多数の人物に共有した場合、メッセージに含まれるテキスト、写真、URL のリンク等が共有される場合があります。
7. お問い合わせ窓口
東京都 台東区 浅草橋 4丁目 6-4 石井ビル 6階 B室
有限会社スタジオアールエフ コンテンツ制作部